How Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Work

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​Michelle's Bookkeeping and Accounting Service is cloud based and we offer a variety of cloud bookkeeping and accounting services to meet the needs of our clients. We utilize both Quickbooks and Xero accounting packages with our virtual bookkeeper and accountant. We know that all businesses aren't the same, so we customize our services to meet the client’s needs with our accounting and bookkeeping business services.

What is a cloud based computing? Cloud based computing software is accounting software that is hosted on remote servers. Data is sent into "the cloud" where it is processed and returned to the user. All application functions are performed off-site, not on the user's desktop. In cloud computing, users access software applications remotely through the internet or other network via a cloud application service provider. Using cloud computing accounting software frees the business from having to install and maintain software on individual desktop computers. It also allows employees in remote or branch offices to access the same data and the same version of the software.

Why should you be in the cloud? You work more efficiently, because all of your documents and applications are easily accessible, shareable and backed up. Your files can be run in multi-user mode so that you and your accountant can access the file from anywhere all the time, no conflicting copies, no accountant copies.

Cost benefit
You eliminate substantially all of your IT costs. You never have to worry about backups and you never have to worry about staying with the latest version of software.

Cloud hosting companies are spending a great deal more on security than you and I can ever afford to spend. Your files are extremely secure.

Timely relevant information
Cloud based computing makes you more efficient. Your accountant no longer has to wait until the end of the month to get your documents. your documents can be given to your accountant daily or weekly, the choice is up to you. However, your files will be updated more frequently and you will have current information rather than month old information.

Below are some of our options:

1. If you don't need access to your file, we will set up a cloud based account for your company where we will take care of all of your bookkeeping needs. All of your paperwork is scanned, faxed or emailed into your cloud based account, we retrieve it and do all of the work for you.

2. You are a business owner who wants to do the day to day bookkeeping , but you want to utilize our accounting services. We will set up a joint access account for you, this allows you to work in your files daily and we can access your files to perform our accounting services.

3. Maybe you just need us to organize your monthly expenses so that your tax accountant can prepare your taxes at the end of the year. Each month you can send your paperwork via the cloud and we can enter everything in either Quickbooks or Xero, we will reconcile your accounts and at year end they will be ready for your tax accountant.

Remote PC Access
If you are a business owner who needs to keep their Quickbooks file on their computer, we can help you set up remote access software on your computer. This way we can take care of everything remotely. We will access the file at a time that doesn't disrupt the flow of your business. Your daily paperwork is sent via the cloud and processed.